Initially, the National Academy of Security and Defense Planning (NASDP) was conceived as a mere training center for the NASDP, an innovative hub entirely a private enterprise, as a supplier of defense and safety solutions, and also as a facility of on going professional mentoring of the adult preparing him/her for the state-owned industry and commerce in Romania. The center was established by the beginning of 2011 courtesy of a team of experts knowledgeable in Euro-Atlantic issues, as a stand alone, informal group, endowing legal status in November 2013, for further bolstering the local and regional staffing in need on law enforcement where private security issues are involved. Things developed however and here we are today, able to provide both Romanian and foreign milieus risk assessment solutions, prevention solutions, configuration patterns and ways fight the effects of natural disasters, calamities, menaces, or hostile actions; we can also provide security studies and research in most fields of the modern society, as kickback to the need of serenity and safety.

All of NASDP’s activities are based on the seven principles: abiding by the Romanian Constitution and legislation; integrity; well-governing; excellence; dignity; team work; and innovation.

NASDP operates in the intelligence and security fields: identification, evaluation, research, prognosis, recruitment, professional training, and active protection.

Basically ,NASDP is to be taken as a center in the security field designed in observance of the applicable international profile standards, developing procedures meant to prevent and fight any form of violence (international terrorism, inter-state criminal activities, social turmoil, etc.), but also the development of those mechanisms favoring an encapsulation of those necessary elements at the society level where information handling and the logistic of the collective defense are concerned, approached, of course, from the angle of integrated security, as a systematic concept.

We have the required know-how and resources to be able to provide advisory and critical assistance to our clients, including hands-on training for remote security coverage in hostile environments, such as Afghanistan and Iraq. NASDP may rate itself as the only provider of lowering risk solutions in an asymmetric matrix of locally developing threats, or even at a regional and/or global scale. On a daily basis we supply first class info and education on the entire scope of private security of the military industry, of governmental institutions, and civil society to proudly boast the top notch level of ethics and professional ethics.


Targets in security education and culture


stimulation of interest and self-involvement of both institutions and individuals in the security awareness culture / education, via mass-media and other promotional means oriented towards this view

integration with the educational institutions – primary, high school, college and university levels – of an Education for Security for both kids and teenagers, and which would also be taught in public institutions for adults, by organizing courses, lectures, symposia, training and seminaries, meetings, colloquies, workshops, discussion groups, round tables, outdoor camps, trips and other recreational / educational activities

editing, publishing, and distributing informative and scientific data, books, magazines, manifests and other printed material and audio-visual content

establish contacts and cooperation on a permanent basis with scientific entities both domestic and foreign, with leading experts in the field, and with other organizations – governmental institutions or non-governmental ones that develop interests in security awareness culture and related topics

stir the curiosity, endorse, back, and train both civil and legal persons who wish to get familiar and become knowledgeable in the field of security, personal protection, educational management of the security awareness culture, and also to whoever feels the inner urge to sample the security awareness culture

develop hands-on action, within the academic limits of competence, for further prevention, and proactively react to aggression /violence – securing personal safety, group safety, and societal safety


Aims and general lines of action


joining projects, conventions, and scientific exchanges focused on structured security and endorsed by higher education institutions in Romania and abroad, local and central public authorities, and also entities having assignments in the field of national security, etc.

foundation of the Civil Police Force in partnership with the public authorities and abiding by both internal and European legislation, as a must of administrative decentralization

foundation of the Commission for Research and Development of the Information Society, a project initiated by the scientific manager of the Security Research and Studies Centre in NASDP, attorney Sebastian Sârbu

foundation of the Diplomatic Academy, a project jointly made up in partnership with the Association of the Ambassadors and Diplomats in Romania, with the purpose of forming the next ambassadors, and also of implementation in Romania of a real diplomatic culture, the ultimate aim being the enhancement of the Romanian state’s image abroad and the active promotion of the strategic interests of our country

foundation of a National Investigation Centre to summon together specialists from the bodyguard and security structures, private investigators, lawyers, forensic detectives, investigators, various specialists in intelligence, administration, defense, etc.


The National Academy of Security and Defense Planning wishes to initiate and lead the following defense and security studies:

practical case studies in political campaigns and lobby, in Romania and the EU

case studies of the political and economical developments in Moldova

monitoring the elite in the EU and Romania

the study of the energy issues (including nuclear) and its military and political security aspects

high quality preparatory analysis exclusively for government agencies and the business circles (banks, rating entities)

running social research survey activities

making interviews with outstanding, prominent persons


NASDP aims to promote, develop, and implement projects and models for common and individual security issues, by building up of a Security Awareness Culture, by research, studies, information and education in partnership with both state-owned and private educational institutions, as well as with medical institutions, the military, the police, justice, religious institutions, governmental organizations and NGOs, its final target being the development of a community which really cares about the safety of its fellow citizens and the promotion of knowledge, respect, and mutual trust between community members and institutions.


NASDP wishes to implement in Romania a brand new and real concept of security, defense, safety and reaction (operational counterstrike) to crisis, using a new institutional approach for promotion of dialogue with the major public institutions and actors, having for social mission the promotion of knowledge about new types of threats, risks and vulnerabilities at the individual, group, social, national, regional, and global levels. To fight back natural disasters, terrorism, across-the-border criminal activities, poverty and discrimination of any kind, the citizens, representative of civil society, should be informed and trained in order to be able to share, jointly beside the state institutions, in the common actions of prevention and combat against hostile activities, calamities, or natural disasters.




The NASDP Academic Centre is organizing conventions and seminaries. The NASDP members feature a polyvalent experience acknowledged by the Romanian state and other educational entities. As such, the NASDP members supply a large spectrum of competences in the academic milieu, the security and defense industries, and also other areas such as army forces, special services, non governmental organizations, diplomatic academies, and mass media agencies.




The NASDP is proposing and made strategic partnerships internally and abroad with the purpose of promoting and cultivating respect for the law, studies on security, scientific research, co-operation, and joint, common action regarding the development and endorsement of programs to support higher education in the fields in charge of the Security Council of the United Nations Organization (UN), Foreign Policy and Common Security (PESC), and those of the European Policy on Security Defense (PESA), and to further implement the concepts and the strategies of security, defense, safe conduct and reaction, beside other public programs on specialties or training courses in national security matters and social security against the global asymmetric threats focusing mainly on life, health, physical and psychic integrity and wellness, property, and other fundamental rights and liberties of man.

Now we developed cooperation agreements on a permanent basis with the Association of the Ambassadors and Career Diplomats in Romania, the Romanian Society of European Right, the Security Research and Studies Centre, Tactical Rabbit Inc., the International Commission for Human Rights, the Gentleman Club, the American Diplomatic Mission for International Relations, the Military Federation in Romania, the “Geopolitica” Magazine, the Military Sciences Magazine, the “Libertatea” newspaper.


Accreditation requests


The NASDP is currently in the process of applying to be taken into account, beside the SNCPT components, by the National Council for Scientific Research in Higher Education (CNCSIS), the Ministry of Education and Research, and is applying for being granted the statute “special council” by the European Council, the OSCE, and NATO.

Currently we have an agreement with the National Council of Scientific Research in Defense (CNCSA).


Curricular activity in formation


1. Anticorruption expertise course

2. Strategic management course

3. Course on management and the economics of knowledge

4.Course in military sciences

5. Course of implementation of a program on environment protection the (green management)

6. The management of occupational stress  a guide for public order and safety officers

7. The management of security

8. The management of information

9. Project management

10. The management of emergency situations

11. The management of information


The Research and Studies Center on Public Security


The Center represents a professional educational and scientific research institution of private right, non profit, apolitical, and autonomous which promotes studies on: organization and management of the national defense and intelligence institutions; the role and the policy concerning intelligence institutions in the government; the comparative study of the intelligence institutions and formation concepts; the security awareness culture; analytic intelligence and methodology; the intelligence agencies and the cybernetic security; professionalization information; standards and doctrine; strategic management; the regime of emergency situations; defense organization; theory of decision, the general theory of information; defense resources; intellectual capital; the society of knowledge; the anticorruption combat; the security milieu; the management of information; asymmetric threats; geopolitical and geostrategic studies, etc.

The Centre is coordinated by its scientific director, Sebastian Sarbu, researcher, attorney and publicist with a vast academic experience and a systematic activity performed within the civil society and in prominent institutions such as the Romanian Academy and CNR-UNESCO.

The Research and Studies Centre on Public Security proposes to take to the civil society new debates on highly relevant topics in the wide context of intelligence, defense, emergency, rapid reaction, and international security.




In our team of lecturers we have quite outstanding, widely renown personalities of our academic and social life:

military analyst, researcher, and attorney Sebastian Sârbu, member of the Inter Discipline Group of the Romanian Academy, and president of the NASDP

General, Professor, Ph.D. Teodor Frunzeti

Professor, Ph.D. Ion M. Anghel, ambassador, Doctor Honoris Causa, and the president of the Romanian Society of European Right

University Lecturer, Ph.D. G. Costandache, member of the GCI the Romanian Academy

Constantin Surdu, director of the Association for Development of the Information Society

Professor, Ph.D. Alexandru Barnea

Sever Lucian Burlacu, expert in law enforcement, management consulting, internal /external institutional communication, PR, public affairs, quality management

Alexandru Bogdan Todiriță, military trainer, paratroopers trainer, various trainer, antiterrorist training




The National Academy of Security and Defense Planning may offer expert advice in the following specialties to the Parliament commissions in the process of issuing normative acts:

1. Analysis. Our top notch team of OSINT and HUMINT intelligence analysts works directly with their clients, on safe sourcing, assessment, analysis, interpretation of the multisource collection of intelligence pieces of data. In this line we’ll offer our clients in confidence accurate and finite information for products, including the risk and threat assessment in real time.

2. Integrated security solutions. The National Academy of Security and Defense Planning staff are talented and dedicated people, well experienced to provide satisfaction to the high standards and highly qualified VIPs craving for the products our clients usually seek. The NASDP strategy is custom made for finding and efficiently using professionals able to provide forecasting and expert advice in the field of both private and public domain security, integrated security solutions, and security operations worldwide.

3. Risks of security breeches and threat assessment. The National Academy of Security and Defense Planning provides solutions to security risk issues and evaluations of threats targeting both the state’s own industry domain, government, as well clients involved in commercial activities. If just a part of the integrated services for analysis or handling threats are set for either fixed assets or mobile ones, our evaluations provide mostly to our clients a unique perspective and correct counseling regarding the security screening which is best fitting in cost-effective integrated solutions package.

4. Uninterrupted education throughout adult life. The courses attended at the NASDP shall be conducted by experienced formers professional trainers with certified experience at forming the adults as well in domains such as: defense, security, national security, psychology, sociology, economics and law; they have been or are actively employed in the defense and security industry of Romania.


Vision and mission


The NASDP is striving to maintain its objectivity and credibility so that it will manage to maintain itself as a center acting independently from any governmental or nongovernmental organism, even partially, or from any political party, or other private interests.

Therefore, the NASDP is actually doing all the efforts to make sure that its actions are run impartially, free of the opinions its sponsors might favor, as well as free from self-interest. The NASDP is seeking cooperation with similar organizations, as well as with the security / defense industry, the academic milieu, and government. The NASDP acknowledges the paramount importance of the debates on defense and security in the United States of America and Europe and comprises these relationships using bilateral initiatives, activities, and affiliations.

The NASDP is trying to create at an international level an academic milieu to promote information exchange, innovative thinking, and analytical developments.

We propose via our projects the implementation of the real security concept and defense strategies, safety and adequate reaction towards a better, firmer guarantee for national security, social security, institutional security of property, and justice, for the freedom of exchange, and private enterprises.

We are extending our gratitude in advance to all partners for their support so that jointly with the Chamber of Deputies, with which the NASDP already works and cooperate, namely with the defense and public order commission, human rights and European businesses, economic development topics, infrastructure in education, education, research, social sciences, social politics, and innovative education will be able to provide a viable alternative to all partners and bill initiators, so as to overcome the issues of a modern society still finding itself under the sign of statism.

The NASDP is serving governmental departments and agencies, the governmental organizations responsible with law enforcing, European and NATO allies, corporative and stand-alone clients. The NASDP is serving Romania.