Sebastian Sârbu, Academician, is DOCTOR IN DIPLOMACY (HONORIS CAUSA) of the Academy of Universal Global Peace (AUGP), expert in intelligence and diplomacy, director of the International Center for Criminal Intelligence, Senior Executive Officer of the International Organization of  Security and Intelligence in Canada, Vancouver, former Honorary Consul at American Diplomatic Mission of International Relations and former Special Advisor of the Helsinki Think Tank,  Honor Man of Foreign Legion, Partner of the International Police Organization and the European Commission. He also holds many ranks in UN-affiliated organizations.

Major Gl. acad. Dr. Sebastian Sârbu’s skills involve: geopolitics, interdisciplinary research, scientific research, geostrategy, knowledge society, military science, military research. He holds a Ph.D. in security, is a special advisor and world contributor in the intelligence and defense fields, in security analysis, management of information, defense planning, security culture, cybersecurity, information warfare, new war technology, cyber power, information theory. He researches anticorruption,  has an expertise in antiterrorism, strategic diplomacy, strategic diplomatic relations.

Dr. Sebastian Sârbu is an intergovernmental diplomat in International Affairs at the World Bilateral Agency, ambassador (special consul in security) at the World Humanity Commission (WHC), anticorruption  expert, scientific   researcher, writer, military   analyst,  publicist, world contributor, NGO and IGO functionary.

He has a solid experience in organizational and competences management.

Membership in fundamental scientific research with the Interdisciplinary Research Group at the Romanian Academy (within  the CRIFST).

Krav Maga Instructor, SWAT training, International School of Strategy and Tactics Graduate, former Special Advisor Helsinki Think Tank, Visiting Professor at the Academy of Global Security, Visiting Professor at the Saint Mary Catholic University in the DR of the Congo.

Social skills and esprit-de-corps, creativity, heuristics, quick to process data, distributive attention, organizational skills, oratorical spirit, oratorical skills, sharpness.

Range of interests: writer, journalist, legal expert, strategic management and leadership, anticorruption expert, educator, scientific researcher, military analyst, author of accredited didactic and scientific works.        

Special awards: The Merit Award  of the I-SUN-VV Int. Society Of The United Nations Missions’ Veterans; the MCP PRESS International Agency’s Richard Wagner Award for promotion of values (2007).

Published papers: more than 100 articles and editorials on socio-human issues, published in the various journals and magazines.

Communication Campaign “In memoriam Dr. Martin Luther King'' (January 2007) with Mass Communication Power International Agency.

Published books: “Knowledge and Creation”, Tempus Publishers (2004); “Corruption – the flaw of modern society”, Victor Publishers (2005) (selected for the scholar and academic circuit): “The Book of the Nation”, Mihai Eminescu International Foundation (2008); ,,Out of the mysteries of the Universe”, Semne Publishers (2010); “The Corruption Felonies”, Niculescu Publishers (2013); “Intelligence and Power”, Semne Publishers

Rank of Major General Academia, International Academy of Cossacks, Intelligence Department Ukraine

Member and publicist of the Transatlantic Press Club

Director of the American Intelligence Agency International Center for Criminal Intelligence (nominated in January 2016)




Teodor Frunzeti, General

Born on September 4, 1955


Sebastian Sârbu, Academician

Resides in Bucharest, Romania

Born on August 24, 1978


General Teodor Frunzeti, currently advisor for the Security Department of Romania’s Presidential Administration, was the chief of the Romanian Land Forces Staff from November 3, 2006, to March 17, 2009.

Education: “Nicolae Bălcescu” Military Academy, Sibiu (1977); National Defense University, Joint Section, Bucharest (1987); military higher education instructors course, Bucharest (1991); joint postgraduate course, Bucharest (1993); NATO School, Germany (1995); microcomputer operation course (1995); advanced French course, Canada (1995); Ph.D. in military art and science (1996); advanced English course, USA (1997); US Army Command and General Staff College, USA (1998); United Nations senior management seminar, New York City and Oslo (2004); NATO Defense College, Rome (2005); senior executive seminar at the George C. Marshall Center for Security Studies, Germany (2006); international defense transformation course at the Naval Postgraduate School, USA (2006); Ph.D. in political science (2006).

He is Associate Professor and Ph.D. coordinator at the National Defense University in Bucharest and Associate Professor at the “Lucian Blaga” University in Sibiu. He is author and co-author of 13 books related to military activity and 114 articles in the field.

Positions: platoon leader of the 1st Mechanized Regiment (1977-1980); instructor at the Patriotic Guards, Bucharest (1980-1985); student officer of the National Defense University, Bucharest (1985-1987); chief of operations and deputy chief of staff at the 1st Mechanized Regiment (1987-1989); chief of staff at the 452nd Engineer Battalion (1989-1990); staff officer at the Operations Division within the 1st Army Command (1990); lecturer and professor at the National Defense University (1990-1998); university professor, pro-rector, and deputy commander of the Land Forces Military Academy in Sibiu (1998-2000); Chief of Defense Strategies Section of the Strategic Planning Directorate, General Staff (2000-2002); 33rd Mechanized Brigade commander and 10th Territorial Corps deputy commander (2002-2003); Chief of Training and Doctrine (and Army General Inspector) and Commander of the Land Forces Command (2003-2004); Commander of the "Marshal Alexandru Averescu" 2nd Joint Operational Command (2004-2006); Chief of the Land Forces Staff (2006-2009).

National honors: Romanian Royal Family – 52nd Knight of the Royal Decoration of the Cross of the Romanian Royal House; Romanian Republic – Recipient of the Faithful Service Cross.

Foreign honors: France – Officer of the Order of the Legion of Honor.

Teodor Frunzeti is married and has one child.




Silviu Crăescu, HC Dr.

Born on November 29, 1966

Silviu Crăescu is a top expert in intelligence trained in international diplomacy and a seasoned specialist in security and intelligence, North Atlantic certified.

He is a diplomat and a specialist in the security awareness culture niche. A real top notch professional in optimization of the organizational management and administration and state protocol, he implemented special events’ settings and timing, the management and planning of defense for emergency situations and social safe conduct, both at national and private level security.

Mr. Silviu Crăescu received commendation in the elite magazine of the American Navy as the mastermind of a STRATFOR level institution, having the assignment to provide Romanians and foreign community risk assessment solutions, training, and combat the effects of natural disasters. His security research covers almost all the fields of activity within modern society as a reaction to the craving for serenity, safe conduct, protection, etc.

Mr. Silviu Crăescu is an expert young leader with an extensive background in protocol and diplomacy, intelligence operations, journalism, military geopolitical analysis, prediction, and European inter-institutional affairs.

Career specialized in the study of: organization and management of national and defense intelligence institutions; role of and policy concerning intelligence institutions in government; comparative study of intelligence institutions and concepts; intelligence analytic training and methodology; intelligence agencies and cyber-security; intelligence professionalization, standards and doctrine.

Former Advisor / Administrator / Chief of Protocol / ATO / TIC and Protection Officer for the last two U.S. Ambassadors at the American Diplomatic Mission of Bucharest, in Romania (2006-2010). He was awarded by the U.S. Department Defense Security Service Academy and the U.S. Department Defense Cybersecurity of USG a scholarship to study awareness training for high rank DoD personnel eligible for official travel on government orders and security awareness training for federal security personnel. Life time OSINT Intelligence Collector / Operator with experience across multiple disciplines.

Direct experience with CIA, USSS - Advance Protective Team, RSO and NSA, military source operations, executive protective management, liaison and advanced defense security operations.

Working also for the private CIA – Tactical Rabbit from the U.S.

Now he is also a member of the international close protection intelligence group which fights for global security and North-Western ideals.

At present, he is a senior advisor to many Romanian political leaders for Homeland Security, Intergovernmental Affairs, Political Affairs & Public Liaison.

In the past, he was a graduate student, following the order of the commander (rector of the military unit 02585), at the National University of Defense "Carol I". Department of Advanced Education, advanced degree graduate, multiple courses and studies on NATO, DOISS Department of Security Operations and Strategy Studies, also studied at the IDF NATO School in Obergammen, Germany, and the IDF NATO college in Rome, Italy.

He is Executive Vice-President at the International Center for High Security Studies, charged with Defense and Operational Responses to Crisis, from Bucharest, Romania.

Ex-Special Operations Agent.

Representative Member at the International Association for Intelligence and Security, also a member of the global intelligence community.

Trainer specialized in counterintelligence training design, running, evaluating and reviewing  theoretical / practical activities and / or geopolitical study, research, training, and professional skills development, carried out in institutions or at work.

He is a competent professional evaluator, assessing candidates’ professional skills compared with the occupational standard.

A mentor, he specializes in the fields of military intelligence education, civil education, culture, mass media, assuming the responsibility to monitor students' teaching practice. As President and mentor, he organizes demonstrative lessons and teaching hours for student practicing, by practicing techniques, methods, and teaching tools, leading to improved student skills in intelligence in the educational process. His great responsibility is to be a donor of public security, and to obtain accreditation, reputation, and international prestige for NSADP.

Skills: senior economist, political consultant, senior analyst in international military affairs, OSINT-HUMINT intelligence operator / collector, private and residential security consultant, expert – risk assessor in occupational workplace health and safety issues, specialist in physical protection, expert in national defense and security.

Career specialized in: organizing and managing the national defense and information gathering institutions (STAR CC) – intelligence, surveillance, target identification and acquisitions –, coordination of All Sources Cells (ASC), studying the role and policy concerning government owned intelligence institutions, comparative case studies of intelligence entities and making up concepts, security awareness culture, consultancy in the field of security and defense, analytic and methodological intelligence, intelligence agents and cybernetic security, professionalized information, NATO military standards and doctrine.

Education: trainee at the NATO School in Obergammen, Germany, and at the NATO College in Rome, Italy; multiple individual military and civil courses; other international operational training courses in law enforcement; special courses in the field of emergency intervention in case of crisis or hostile activity, counterintelligence and military espionage, both civil and industrial, within the Department Of Defense (DoD) and other countries such as Belgium, Switzerland, and Brazil.





Johan Obdola is president and founder of the International Organization for Security and Intelligence (IOSI) and one of the top international government security and intelligence expert, speaker on narco-terrorism, transnational crime and terrorism, and a constant media reference on these security subjects.

Obdola’s professional experience covers counter-narcotics, counter-terrorism, narco-terrorism, transnational crime, and other security threats in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, and the Middle East-GCC. He is a prolific international speaker in military, law enforcement, and other government-official related conferences and seminars, covering mostly national, regional, and international security issues.

Obdola is involved in several not-for-profit organizations, including advisor of Kape-Kape, an indigenous NGO in Venezuela, and Board of the Autism Trust Foundation in Dubai.

Zoltan Veres

Director, Sun Rise House

José Antonio Hernández, Prof. Dr.

Founding president, WUHRHS

John Raciti is Director (Sydney, Australia) of Fox Petroleum Limited, ambassador to Australia, British High Commissioner to the Vice President of the Commonwealth Nations for Australia, British High Commissioner for Personal Interests of Commonwealth Nations, ambassador of OSI Foundation in Australia and New Zealand, and ambassador for Australia of the International Human Rights Commission.

He works with TGS Australia and New Zealand APAC Regional Charter, Global Risk International, and the International Military Corps of Peacekeepers. He is a counter-terrorism analyst at the Observatory against Terrorist Threat and Jihadist Radicalization of OSI Intelligence. He works to protect internet businesses and government users against online fraud.

He has studied security and counter-terrorism at the Swinburne University.


Bogdan Licu

Prosecutor General