Our academy’s goal is education and training in security, investigation, intelligence, law enforcement, and criminal law science. Our programs are destined for civilians, security, police, and military personnel. Special programs: KRAV MAGA – the Israeli system of military self-defense; self-defense – hand to hand & close combat; counter-terrorism; urban tactical combat; survival – tactical combat; hostage prevention; rescue consulting; mediators; negotiation services, etc.


Our work in defense and security covers a wide range of topics. For instance, we help clients develop and execute strategic plans, analyze organizational behavior, explore new methods to improve operational efficiency, and redesign and implement IT infrastructure and systems. We have access to proprietary research, tools, and approaches that have been successfully applied in various public and private sector contexts around the world. Our academy researches core management functions, for example, by helping public sector defense and security leaders understand the practices that drive better management decisions.


diplomacy education • strategic diplomatic relations • security culture • defense policy

international relations and cooperation • intelligence and geopolitical expertise



The NASDP is striving to maintain its objectivity and credibility, so that it will manage to remain independent from any governmental or non governmental organism, even partially, or from any political party or other private interests.

Therefore, the NASDP is doing all the efforts to make sure that its actions are run impartially, free of the opinions its sponsors might favor, and free of self-interest as well. The NASDP is seeking cooperation with similar organizations, and also with the security / defense industry, the academic milieu, and governments.

The NASDP is trying to create at an international level an academic milieu to promote information exchange, diplomatic culture, innovative thinking, and analytical developments.

We propose via our projects the implementation of real security concepts and defense strategies, safety and adequate reaction towards better, firmer guarantees for national security, social security, institutional security of property, and justice. We believe in freedom of exchange so that private enterprises in partnership with governmental institutions might overcome the issues of a modern society still finding itself under the sign of statism.

The NASDP wishes to serve governmental departments and agencies, governmental organizations responsible with law enforcement, European and NATO allies, corporate and stand-alone clients.

The NASDP is a strong partner of the American Diplomatic Mission of International Relations (ADMIR), the International Organization for Security and Intelligence, and the Helsinki Think Tank.


General policy line


• stimulating interest for the intelligence field, diplomatic culture, international relations, public communication skills, the security awareness culture /education, via mass-media and other promotional means oriented towards these ends

• Editing, publishing, and distributing informative and scientific data, books, magazines, manifests, and other printed material and audio-visual content

• establishing contacts and cooperation on a permanent basis with scientific entities both domestic and foreign, with leading experts in the field, and with other organizations – governmental institutions or non-governmental ones that develop interests in security awareness culture, defense policy, diplomatic education, and related topics

• stirring curiosity, endorsing, backing, and training both private and legal persons who wish to get familiar and become knowledgeable in the field of security, personal protection, educational management of the security awareness culture, and also to whoever feels the inner urge to sample the security awareness culture


Aims and general lines of action


• joining projects, conventions, and scientific exchanges focused on security and endorsed by higher educational institutions, local and central public authorities, and also entities having assignments in the field of national security

• Founding a Civil Police Force in partnership with public authorities and abiding by both internal and European legislation, as a must of the administrative decentralization

• foundation of the Commission for Research and Development of the Information Society

• foundation of the Center of Strategic Affairs and Defense Policy, a project with the purpose of forming the next ambassadors, and also of implementing in the world a real diplomatic culture


The National Academy of Security and Defense Planning (NASDP) wishes to initiate and lead the following defense and security studies:

• monitoring the elite of the EU;

• the study of energy issues (including nuclear) and its military and political security aspects;

• high quality preparatory analysis exclusively for government agencies and business circles (banks, rating entities);

• running social research survey activities;

• making interviews with outstanding, prominent persons.


The National Academy of Security and Defense Planning (NASDP) aims to promote, develop, and implement projects and models for common and individual security issues, by building up of a security awareness culture, by research, studies, information and education in partnership with both state-owned and private educational institutions, the United Nations, NGOs, as well as with medical institutions, the military, the police, justice, structures fighting corruption, religious and diplomatic missions and institutions. By enhancing international cooperation, its final target is the development of a community that really cares about the safety of its fellow citizens, as well as the promotion of knowledge, respect, and mutual trust between community members and institutions.


The National Academy of Security and Defense Planning (NASDP) wishes to implement in the world a brand new and real concept of security, defense, safety, and reaction (operational counterstrike) to crisis, using a new institutional approach for the promotion of dialogue with the major public institutions and actors, having for social mission the promotion of knowledge about new types of threats, risks and vulnerabilities at the individual, group, social, national, regional, and global levels.


The National Academy of Security and Defense Planning (NASDP) promotes a new kind of strategic diplomatic relations and international security expertise.


Priority activities


The NASDP Academic Centre is organizing conventions and seminaries. The NASDP members feature a polyvalent experience acknowledged by the Romanian state and other educational entities. As such, the NASDP members supply a large spectrum of competences in the academic milieu, the security and the defense industry, and also other areas such as armed forces, special services, non governmental organizations, diplomatic academies and mass media agencies.


The NASDP endorses as its main target the promotion, development and implementation of programs, projects, models, and standards for common security and defense, diplomatic education, and for the individual, in order to create a real security awareness culture, defense awareness, and counter-reaction to crisis situations, via research, informative sessions and education, in educational partnership with institutions, both state-based and private agencies, as well as medical, military, national and local police, law, religious institutions, including both governmental and non governmental organizations, with the purpose of proactively developing a community that really cares about the security and safety of its fellow citizens and of promoting knowledge, respect, and mutual trust between members of society and the institutions of the European and worldwide community.

The National Academy of Security and Defense Planning (NASDP) provides solutions to security risk issues and evaluations of the global threats in order to identify internal problems for national defense systems and increase the defense capacity, as part of an integrated strategy.


Uninterrupted education throughout adult life


The courses attended at the NASDP shall be conducted by experienced formers professional trainers with certified experience at forming adults in fields such as: multilateral diplomacy, security diplomacy, international relations, defense, security, national security, psychology, sociology, economics, law, military science, geopolitics, information society, management of emergency situations.